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Payment Options

Our team at Sand Mountain Pest Management knows that times are tough. With offices in Albertville, Anniston & Oneonta, AL we make it convenient for our customers throughout North Alabama. Plus, we understand that your budget might be a little tight right now, which is why we accept a variety of payment methods. So if you're dealing with cockroaches, mice, termites, or bees in your home or business; you don't have to wait to get assistance!

Payment options we accept include:


We don't mind accepting cold hard cash...we just have one request, just one, only one…if you pay in coins, please roll them first.


Checks can be given to our technician while they are at your home. Or if you prefer, you can mail in your check once you receive a payment statement from us.

ACH Debits

ACH stands for automated clearing house, which is a network that electronically processes money. An ACH debit is a method of payment that allows companies to electronically withdraw funds from your bank using a routing number and your account number. You have to authorize the transaction before it can be performed.

Consumers can use their bank debit cards or checks to initiate an ACH debit payment. This is the equivalent to using your debit card at any store.

ACH Credits

The ACH Credit payment functions exactly the same as the ACH Debit except with credit cards instead of debit cards.


It is the policy of Sand Mountain Pest to offer an 8% discount or a free month to customers that pay for their service one year in advance. If you ask any of our customers that use this plan, they will tell you that they would recommend it. It is always nice when you don’t have to worry about whether you made the payment or you forgot. You will never have late charges when you do pre-payment!

We hope that you now know what all of your payment options are and that you will find the choice that works the best for you.