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Mosquito Control

Beyond mosquito repellent for protecting you and your family, Sand Mountain Pest Management, LLC in Albertville, Anniston & Oneonta, AL offers a long-term control program. For starters, we control adult mosquitoes on your property. Then, we turn our focus to eliminating existing mosquito larvae developing in standing water to control them before they become breeding biting adults.

In short, we offer a dual approach to reducing mosquito populations, which, in turn, reduces the number that may carry such diseases as West Nil virus, encephalitis, dengue, malaria, and canine heart worm. Unfortunately not all of the mosquitoes you encounter on your property originate there. This means an ongoing treatment regimen is your best option for protecting you and your family so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor activities.

Tips for Avoiding Mosquito Bites

Please contact us so we can begin to create a custom plan of attack to help with your mosquito problem.

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